A Child-centered Approach
We are proud to share that Candy Cane City is Quality Rated.  All of our teachers are certified.  Our teachers and staff are guided by "Creative Curriculum" for the Pre-Kindergarten program and "High Reach" for children under 4 years. We pride ourselves on a low student to teacher ratio. Our teachers develop age-appropriate activities that introduce and strengthen academic and social skills. In addition to the basics, we offer students a range of gross motor and creative opportunities including weekly music classes, sports and games.  We strive to include enrichment activities that extend our students knowledge and understanding of the world outside the classroom.  Each year our school hosts a Fun Fall Festival along with Holiday Parties and a end-of-the-year Pre-K Prom.   We also schedule several Field Trips for ages 4 and up.  We are committed to parent involvement and host Mom & Muffin Day, Dad & Donut Day and Parent Appreciation Day along with invitations for parent volunteers for field trips and in-school activities.
*Our Summer Camp incorporates many field trips and activities shared on our Summer Camp Calendar which include: Swimming or age appropriate Water Play, Water Park Visit, Stone Mountain Park Visit, Skating, Bowling, Cooking Class, Petting Zoo, Bike Day, Board Games, Computer Time, and also an After School Age Enrichment Program.
*We offer after-school programs for ages 5 - 12, which include transportation to and from school, help with homework and a nourishing snack.

Closed Circuit monitoring and security cameras are in every room, play yard, and front entrance.